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Animal Behaviors That Will Shock You

  • Some animals mourn the dead. Elephants are known to display incredible emotional behavior. They even have a few related to death. When they come across elephant bones, they’ll stop and become silent. They’ll hold and prod the bones, fascinated with what the cause might be and trying to find out if they knew the elephant; a sign of mourning.
  • The Cuckoo bird is a fake mother. She shirks all parental responsibility she was ever bestowed with. She lays her eggs in other nests, then abandons them completely.
  • Most ants navigate by using eyesight. But some army ants are completely blind. This means they can become disorientated and march in circles until they die of exhaustion.
  • The shrimp stuns its prey (other shrimp) by snapping its claw so quickly that it makes a sound louder than a gun shot. The noise isn’t created by the snap itself, but from the jet of water that shoots off from it.
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