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Yesterday as i was going about my business, i eavesdropped a conversation between two people of how a pig feasted on its owner. To them it was a shocker considering that pigs have not been known to be violent or enemies to humans.

To me, it seemed normal because i have witnessed them feast on their own species, especially the tails. Now the question is, what makes a pig to turn carnivorous?

Pigs are omnivorous in their nature but cases of them feeding on humans are not very common. There are a number of reasons that could cause pigs to act as carnivores and the major one is stress. Animals also get stressed because they are sentient. By this, I mean they experience feelings and emotions and so they have the ability to get stressed, feel angry and at the same time feel happy.

You cannot fail to notice when an animal is happy because they are always jumpy and playful with the other fellows. They will also show signs of stress and anger when they are not happy with the way they are handled by humans.

What mainly causes stress to the pigs is confinement into small cages, limiting their freedom to play and exercise. Pigs are known to have a foraging or roaming nature and when you limit them to movement, it leads to boredom and stress and this causes them to bite anything that comes their way be it metal rods, tails of other pigs or even humans. So that particular pig must have been stressed and this explains why it bit the owner. That particular farmer should hence consider giving the pig a more comfortable environment to avoid such an incident in future.

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