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Fun Facts about Pigs

Pigs diseases. African swine fever in Europe. DNA virus in the Asfarviridae family.
  • Pigs are smart! Their intelligence is higher than a dog’s, some primates and even young human childrenĀ³.
  • In their natural state, pigs are very clean animals. They keep their toilets far from their living or feeding areas.
  • They are much more tolerant of colder temperatures than heat. Pigs have no sweat glands so they can’t sweat. This is why they enjoy being in mud to keep themselves cool.
  • When they are trained piglets can learn their names at just two to three weeks old. They can learn to respond when called and learn tricks faster than dogs.
  • Pigs use grunts to communicate with each other. The grunts made by pigs vary depending on the pig’s personality and can convey important information about the welfare of this highly social species.
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