Humans react differently to a variety of products that they consume. One may be allergic to one product, whereas it works well with the other. As they say, ones mans meat is another man’s poison.

Sumptuous Dog Meat

This explains why what we feed on may vary from community to community. For instance, an individual of Chinese origin will enjoy his sumptuous meal made from dog meat. On the other hand, a person such as I, who is of Kenyan origin will throw up everything from the previous year, when i realise that is what i just consumed.

It is tantamount to our pets

The same thing happens to our pets. An animal may not be able to distinguish if what you fed it is appropriate or not. But the reaction after it consumes it will explain everything. This brings us to a discussion on the types of food that may be dangerous when fed to your pets, especially dogs;

  • Foods that contain caffeine. These include tea, coffee and chocolate
  • Milk- Avoid at all costs feeding your dog with dairy products. They can create digestive problems or even cause diarrhoea. The small puppies may be allergic to milk, as it is also with small children. This may however be different with pets such as cats, which are part of the animals in communities. Cats are known to love milk.
  • Fat trimmed from meat. It may cause digestive problems to your dog, whether cooked or uncooked
  • Fruits like plums and peaches cause digestive problems to the dogs
  • Raw eggs because they may contain Salmonella. They are good for human beings, but not for the dogs
  • Foods that contain onion or garlic. They lower the red blood cells in dogs, causing anaemia
  • Keep alcohol away from your dog as it can cause damage to the liver and brain of a dog.

Good welfare

You realise that by avoiding feeding these types of food to your pet, you will have taken good care of your dog. The dog will not suffer pain, distress and discomfort, by facing the problems mentioned above. By this, you will have taken care of its freedoms which amounts to giving it good welfare. The dog will be happy, and you will also be every happy.

For similar works,visit http://www.worldanimalprotection.org

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