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Awaiting slaughter, their eyes are wide open with terror as they hear and smell what is ahead of them. Workers kick, prod, punch, throw, and push animals, grabbing them and breaking their tails and wings. This is what our animals go through in our slaughter houses

The animals clamber on top of one another in panic, to try to get away, but there is no escape. There are rails all over, to prevent them from getting away.

Brutal, Blunt Knife

When they think its almost done, they suddenly have to face the brutal, blunt knife that keeps cutting through their skin for hours. Why do we make animals go through hell on  earth?

When you decide to slaughter an animal, always ensure that you slaughter it in a humane way.After witnessing how animals are slaughtered though, I realised that there is no humane way to slaughter an animal who does not want to die. This is because, no matter the method used, they still experience pain.

Safer Methods

There are however safer methods of slaughtering an animal that cause less pain. Such include:

  • Group gassing with Carbon-dioxide
  • Captive bolt stunning
  • Shooting on the forehead

This is animal cruelty

Inhumane slaughter is highly considered as animal cruelty by various animal welfare organisations. We should strive to end this by ensuring that we slaughter animals the sane way, starting with the animals in our homes. It doesnt have to be in slaughter houses.

To learn more about such inhumane acts and how to curb them, visit http://www.worldanimalprotection.org

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