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Unbelievable Animal Facts That are Actually True

Chickens roaming, Courtesy

1.Goats have accents – Research has shown that, just like humans, the vocal inflections of goats can change according to their environment and time spent around their peers!

2. There is a type of jelly fish that is immortal – This underwater creature can replicate the tissues of its body using stem cells, essentially reincarnating itself.

3.Penguins propose to their mates – When choosing a mate, the male will present the female with a pebble as a symbol of affection.

4.Elephants have incredible social habits – Elephants can laugh and cry. They hold greeting ceremonies to welcome back a family member who has been away for a while and “funerals” for members who pass away.

5.Cows have best friends – Studies show that cows are very sociable and can have a prefered pal amongst their herd. If separated from this friend, they can become stressed and anxious.

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