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What is your ‘why’ in the Veterinary Industry?


The reason as to why your business or organization was founded really matters.

Do you know why you founded your veterinary clinic or why the organization that you work for was founded? is the why built into the DNA of the organisation or will it change when the owner changes?

Take a case of the veterinarians, what pushed you to pursue the course? Why did you settle on a veterinary clinic? There could be several other reasons (whys) that may determine this;

Love for animals

There is nothing as of importance as doing something out of passion. To be successful, one has to figure out what they are passionate about first.

For some, it is inborn. For most, it develops as they grow interacting with animals. The love for animals may push one to open a veterinary clinic, maybe because they are tired of watching animals suffer.

Operating a veterinary clinic because you love animals will make you one of the most successful veterinarian because you end up giving the best out of it.

Financial matters

Did you open your vet clinic in order to meet your financial needs? Opening a veterinary business for purely financial reasons will be the beginning of your failure. This will translate into provision of poor quality services. After all, you are after money.

If the business does not bring you enough income, you will end up closing it down, because you did not reap from it as expected.

Animals are sentient

Recognition of the fact that animals are sentient beings is crucial to having your veterinary business prosper. This is because you will treat the animals with the humane heart, care and caution that they deserve.

Continuous Improvement in quality

As a veterinarian, if you have a goal of improving the quality of veterinary treatment in the veterinary industry as a whole, your business is bound to prosper, making the overall industry a success.

Do not forget or lose your why!

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