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Why Cats Make Wonderful Companions

  • Cats do not ask for too much

Aside from food and a nice place to sleep in, cats don’t ask for much. They are perfect for people who have a busy schedule – such as long hours at work. Staying home alone does not bother a cat, they’ll be too busy sleeping or just relaxing.

  • Your Home will be pest free

Cats are natural predators. Even though they are mainly domesticated pets, they still have a hunter instinct, so they do tend to keep mice away from your home.

  • Low maintenance

Cats mainly take care of themselves. They groom themselves (some cats have long hair and may require some extra grooming), are easier to potty train, and like to play on their own for the most part.

  • They are Warm and Cuddly

While cats like to be independent, they also love to cuddle up and snuggle next to you or sleep right by you. Plus, their soft fur is an added cuddle bonus.

  • They do not need a lot of space – they are ideal for apartments

Cats don’t need a lot of space to run around. A lot of apartments also tend to allow cats, as they are quiet, so they are less likely to bother neighbors.


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