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Billions of Chickens Suffering Unnecessarily in Fast-Food Supply Chains: The Pecking Order Report Exposes Industry Failures


The fast-food industry has come under fire in the latest report from World Animal Protection, which has exposed the shocking reality of chicken welfare in fast-food supply chains. The Pecking Order Report, released on March 14th, reveals that companies in the food industry are failing to implement meaningful changes to improve the welfare of chickens in their supply chains, resulting in billions of chickens suffering needlessly.

The report highlights the devastating impact of inhumane treatment on chickens, including chronic pain, skin lesions, and even heart failure caused by selective breeding, with little environmental enrichment in their cramped living conditions. The appalling conditions that chickens are subjected to in the fast-food industry are not only an animal welfare issue but also a threat to human health, with antibiotic overuse in farming fueling a deadly superbug crisis. The report highlights the need for fast-food companies to take urgent action to address animal welfare and human health concerns as well as raise welfare standards to reduce the need for routine antibiotics used to prevent disease amongst animals kept in appalling conditions. Consumers are increasingly holding companies accountable for the treatment of animals used in their supply chains, and companies must recognize that there is no justification for profiting from the pain of sentient beings.

“The Pecking Order is committed to shining a light on the chicken meat industry and encouraging companies to improve their animal welfare policies,” says Dr. Victor Yamo, Farming Campaigns Manager at World Animal Protection. “While progress has been made by some companies, others must be held accountable for their shameful lack of consideration of animal welfare.”

Kenchic is the leading company in Kenya in broiler chicken welfare, with an overall percentage of 42%. Unfortunately, the report’s key findings reveal that most of the local companies assessed were performing poorly in their approaches to broiler chicken welfare in their supply chains, and they lacked any animal welfare policy or commitments.

The report recommends four actions to improve the welfare of animals on farms, including local food companies working with World Animal Protection to develop the requisite Farm Animal Welfare policies that are aligned to the Farm Animal Responsible Minimum Standards (FARMS) and making their commitments to improving farm animal welfare throughout their supply chain. Additionally, global fast-food companies should liaise with their headquarters and franchises in other geographical locations to eliminate double standards within their supply chain.

It’s time for companies to take responsibility for the suffering of billions of chickens in their supply chains. Consumers have the power to demand change by supporting companies that prioritize animal welfare and speaking out against those that refuse to take it seriously. The Pecking Order Report is a call to action for all of us to do our part in creating a world where all animals are treated with dignity and respect.


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