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An image showing fur. Courtesy of Saga Furs

If animals had the ability to speak, so many of them would lament of how us humans kill them for fashion. The fashion industry is really growing at a high rate in the current world. But what most of us fail to understand is the pain that animals have to go through, for you to wear that woolen jacket, pullovers, hats, leg warmers, gloves and many more.

There are animals known to be killed for things such as fur and wool so you as a person can stay warm. such include; sheep, mink, rabbits, cows, foxes, chinchillas, seals, bears and even our very own companions- the dogs and cats. Snakes have also not been left out for they are skinned live for their skins which make very good leather.

Ever sandwiched your little finger with the hinge of a door when trying to shut it or has someone ever stepped on your small toe while in sandals on a cold day? If you have, that sharp pain is unexplainanable. So now imagine getting skinned alive for selfish reasons. Am very sure you don’t want to get there.

That’s the same way that our animals feel or even worse. So skinning animals for fur, wool or skins is just wrong. Let us strive to find other means of making clothing other than these mentioned above so as to avoid complicating animal lives. They deserve to live better lives. Don’t they?

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